I am short one cork for my project, better open another bottle!

I don’t know but if you are like us, we always have a bunch of used wine corks lying around and wonder what we should do with them. So far we have made a cork board, place card holders, used it as a door stop, used them as labels for our plants and of course we have put them in a decorative vase with a candle. That last one I think almost everyone has done. It is decorative and storage all in one. How can you go wrong?

We found this great article on Buzzfeed that has 37 ideas of what to do with used corks.

I can tell you we are not going to try them all but will be making the stamps with our granddaughter the next time she visits. Keep an eye for some of her artwork in the store next time you visit. 

Send us your pictures and stories of some of the creative things you have done with used corks.