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DIY Rosé Wine Gummies

Take everything you love about your favourite bottle of rosé, and now imagine it packed into a delicious gummy! It gets better; they’re surprisingly easy-to-make and even easier to enjoy! This recipe makes approximately 60 gummies (which may seem like a lot!) but they will go fast –especially if you bring them to the office or plan to make these as gifts. These gummies also keep well, so if there are any leftovers you don’t have to worry about storing them properly or freezing them, they’ll just hang out on your counter top to nibble for as long as they last.

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Now Offering In Store Wine Making

We are pleased to announce a new service available from Brew N' Sip We are now able to make wine together at our in store winemaking facility.  All you do is pick your favorite wine and we will help you make your wine kit on site using our Winery Grade Equipment.  It is a easy and economical way to enjoy some fantastic wines from all over the world. 

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