Is beer really just beer?

Do you think of beer as beer and wine as having many options, white, red, rose and so on? 

I have heard people say I am not a beer person, but what does that really mean? You tried one beer one time and did not like it. That would be like saying that you had a gin and tonic one summer and decided you don’t like any mixed drinks.

Well I have news for you! Beer is not just beer, it has many variations like wine and mixed drinks. 

Greg Ergret has created 7 beer categories and the breaks them down further to help really understand all the different types of beer. If you have 2 and 1/2 minutes you should watch this video and he even pairs some difficult meals to the type of beer towards the end.

We knew beer came in so many varieties, but were surprised how many categories Greg came up with. Were you surprised as well? 

Let us help you find a beer kit to make your favourite one. 

Send us a picture, message or story about your favourite type of beer.